Creating Realistic Digital Twins for Immersive Exploration

  • Project year 2022
  • Tools Blender, LumaAI, Unity

The project involved capturing a photogrammetry full-body scan of myself and creating a 3D model of the Himalayas using geographical data from the real world. The primary goal of the project was to explore the potential of digital twins in offering virtual visits to real-world locations. By creating realistic virtual environments, people can experience places as if they were there in person.

To create the digital twins, I utilized software tools like Blender and Unity to clean up the photogrammetry data and 3D models. This process enabled the creation of a realistic and immersive virtual environment that can be used for virtual tourism and education. The resulting digital twin of both myself and the Himalayas can offer people an engaging and unique way to experience and interact with a real-world location in a virtual environment.